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New Chapter: Monument of Stone III: Dreams of Home

Originally posted on 9/22/04

Monument of Stone
Meldewen Ilce

Rating: G
Spoilers: ROTK

Summary: Chapter III: Dreams of Home: As they near his homeland, strong memories begin to resurface for Gandalf, and he remembers a time when he was called Olórin by a beloved voice...Featuring Gandalf, Bilbo, and Elrond

Disclaimer: If you have not figured it out already I don’t own “The Lord of the Rings” and I never will. I have made no money off of this fic and I ask not to be sued over it!

Author's Note: It appears inspiration has struck again for me!

For Frodo and Bilbo on their birthdays...

[Chapter I: Elrond and Bilbo]

[Chapter II: Frodo and Galadriel]

[Chapter III: Dreams of Home]

Tags: fanfic, the birthday, update
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