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The Mad Bagginses Community

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Welcome! [October 10th, 10:10pm]

Welcome to Mad Bagginses, a community dedicated to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins!
It is now members only, so please join!
Once in, have fun and enjoy your stay! :)
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Fic recommendation [February 20th, 5:02pm]

[ mood | grinning ]

danachan wrote me the loveliest Bilbo-fic, featuring Primula, Drogo, adorable baby Frodo, and disgruntled Sackville-Baggins!

Everybody should go and look at it! It's so funny and sweet!


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"Learning Curve" [October 28th, 9:10pm]

Bilbo and Sigismond learn a lesson in friendship...


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The Birthday, S.R. 1402 [September 22nd, 11:09am]


In honor of The Birthday, I have written this little fic...


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Five Things that Never Happened to Bilbo Baggins... [September 21st, 5:09pm]

fic_inspiration had a challenge for a "Five Things That Never Happened To..." and I chose Bilbo. Since they are all AU, some of them are a tad disturbing.

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Icon requests [August 30th, 9:08pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Whoa, it's been a while since I've visited the community. o.O *pokes it* Sorry about that!

Anyway, I don't think I've ever posted any icons around here, but you might have seen me at lotricons. (My icon journal is _shinken, if that rings any bells.)

I did this a while back, but yet again I'm in need of some assistance. I'm very short on free time and thus I don't really have time to go in search of pictures to use for icon-making.

So.... I'm requesting requests again! Please try to be specific - I'd prefer it if you have a specific picture and/or text in mind (feel free to browse my PhotoBucket account for lots of anime, LotR, Harry Potter, King Arthur, etc. pictures), but I can be flexible too. I'm especially fond of doing manga icons, but whatever you'd like is fine with me - including fandoms outside of the ones I've done so far. However, please keep in mind that I will not create any icons containing or implying yaoi/yuri or shounen-/shoujo-ai (i.e., slash). At all. Ever. But outside of that, pretty much anything goes. :P

So please do request an icon - or several! (I'm most definitely open to making more than one per person at this point.) In the meantime I'll be going through and re-uploading all my older icons, and continuing to putt along with making new ones. (Honest.) <_<; Thanks! ^^x (cross-posted elsewhere)

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Fwo & Unga Bee Universe: "A Part To Play" - Adventure on the Side [January 6th, 3:01pm]

Plot bunnies are rampant little creatures. They hide in places you would never expect to find them, then jump out and bite you and hang on with surprisingly strong, sharp teeth. I was ambushed and attacked by one just yesterday as I was reading an entry on my F-List, in which maudelynn told this story...which inspired the story I have written. So, everyone blame thank maudelynn for this one! :p

A word about the story:

Though it is written in the "Fwo and Unga Bee" "universe", this story should not be read as part of the original, main story. It is a bit of a side adventure...a detour if you will. It takes place a bit later than the original fic, early September I should think, just before Bilbo and Frodo's birthdays. I have no idea why Frodo is staying with Bilbo, but he is (hey, this if fan fiction, just go with it - maybe Prim and Drogo needed a short vacation from the little tyke and decided to leave him with Unga Bee :p). So, anyway - I guess you could say it's a little AU of my AU! :p Although, when I think about it, I'm not so sure my story IS AU...for there's no logical reason (that I know of that it COULDN'T have taken place) - but that's a whole other post for another day. Anyway, I present...

"A Part To Play"
~Fwo And Unga Bee Universe Detour story~

Summary: In which, Bilbo cares for a very wee (just under 2 years old) Frodo as well as a MOUSE; Mr. Peeper is being himself; and Frodo becomes the "cream Nazi" (think "soup Nazi" from "Seinfeld")

Rated: G, I should think - please! There's a baby hobbit present, for goodness sake! :p

Warnings: A tad of life-like animal behavior that might squick the squickiest among us. Nothing too graphic, though.

A/N: Also - a wee bit of Book (and Movie) canon foreshadowing of themes of compassion, mercy, grace and everyone - good and bad - having a role to play in the story are touched upon (almost by accident!:p).

As per usual - no beta. Look out for typos, boo-boos and other grammatical atrocities. If you find 'em, gently point them out and I'll fix 'em. :) Otherwise, ENJOY!

Fwo and Unga Bee Universe: Collapse )
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A Bilbo and Frodo story (Bilbo gets a little TLC) [December 8th, 4:12pm]

This was my story for Marigold's Challenge #11. There are hardly any Bilbo h/c out there...

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Update of Growing Pains [November 28th, 4:11pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

I have update my fanfic Growing Pains with a new chapter entitled "Confinement". You can read the new chapter here... You can read the first 13 chapters of Growing Pains here

Summary: The life of young Frodo Baggins changes forever after his father becomes ill with a mysterious illness - AU...

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Some of my Bilbo stories [November 28th, 1:11pm]

Here are links to a few of my stories featuring Bilbo:

A Merry Old Inn


The Apology

A Place for Gandalf

Frodo’s Cooking Lesson

Ho, Ho! My Lads (co-authored by Marigold)

A Long Expected Departure

A Question of Trolls
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[October 10th, 9:10am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

All Shall Fade

Meldewen Ilce

Rating: G

Summary: A post-Quest conversation between Frodo and Bilbo; based loosely on a shirebound plotbunny!

Beta: Merlin

Disclaimer: I don’t own “The Lord of the Rings” and I have made no money off of this so I ask not to be sued over it!

Author’s Note(s): Okay, I tried to write this to perfectly match shirebound’s plotbunny but Frodo just insisted he was going to be the one to ask Bilbo how he knew that the Ring had been destroyed!

Also forgive me if this fic turns out to be a mixture of movie and book canon...

And now onto our story...Collapse )

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[October 6th, 5:10pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

"Amin Kaimeluva" Part 5

Fretting wasn't really in Marigold Gamgee's nature, nor truly was it in the nature of many hobbits. And worrying over her hearty brother was so foreign to the lass, that she was most uncomfortable with the feeling. She knew she'd feel a great deal better with something to do, so she busied herself with making some cold tea for Sam; the familiar actions of setting the kettle on to boil, ladling lots and lots of honey into Sam's mug, were reassuring her. Surely nothing truly bad could happen, not while there was tea to be made and supper to be started.Read more...Collapse )

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Ah! Some Bilbo, finally! [October 5th, 5:10pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

"Amin Kaimeluva" Part Four:

The Gaffer, well known in Hobbiton, angrily strode the distance to Bag End, ignoring shouts of greeting that peppered the late afternoon. His eyes were fixed straight ahead, and his cheeks were near scarlet as that of his fevered son. He found no comfort in the familiar path, and the walk did nothing to cool his anger at his former master. Read more...Collapse )

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It takes awhile to get to Bilbo, but this is a long WIP, and one that is dear to me. [October 5th, 5:10pm]

[ mood | sick ]

"Amin Kaimevula" Part Three

Marigold Gamgee sat on a small stool, and tried to work on some embroidery for Mr. Bilbo. She was making him a set of cotton pajamas, and knew that he enjoyed fancy little embellishments. She was proud of her handiwork most times, but today she was distracted and her stitching was far from her best. She sat up primly when she heard the door to Sam's bedroom open, and looked expectantly at Miss Violet. Read more...Collapse )

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Amin Kaimeluva [October 5th, 5:10pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Part Two

Marigold was reluctant to let go of Sam's hands, perhaps she thought that otherwise he was not aware of her presence. His eyes were so very far away, and he didn't answer any of the soft questions she put to him. But she wanted to fetch some cool water, and a cloth to bathe him, so she moved low to his ear and whispered her intent, promising she would be right back, promising he would be just fine. Read more...Collapse )

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[October 5th, 5:10pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Hello and well met! I am new to this group, and wanted to say hello. I found it through perusing mynelwood's page, and I hope no one minds that I've followed here. I will confess to loving Bilbo a bit more than Frodo, so perhaps that makes me the odd one here. *grin* I'd like to start posting a story that I've been working on, in which Bilbo has a secret, Frodo is quite clueless, and Sam has a mysterious ailment. I'll post each wee chapter in a new entry if that's OK, some are a bit long.
Read more...Collapse )

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New Chapter: Monument of Stone III: Dreams of Home [September 23rd, 11:09am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Originally posted on 9/22/04

Monument of Stone
Meldewen Ilce

Rating: G
Spoilers: ROTK

Summary: Chapter III: Dreams of Home: As they near his homeland, strong memories begin to resurface for Gandalf, and he remembers a time when he was called Olórin by a beloved voice...Featuring Gandalf, Bilbo, and Elrond

Disclaimer: If you have not figured it out already I don’t own “The Lord of the Rings” and I never will. I have made no money off of this fic and I ask not to be sued over it!

Author's Note: It appears inspiration has struck again for me!

For Frodo and Bilbo on their birthdays...

[Chapter I: Elrond and Bilbo]

[Chapter II: Frodo and Galadriel]

[Chapter III: Dreams of Home]

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A quick recommendation [September 13th, 12:09am]

Monument of Stone, by meldewen04 is a short piece about the voyage to Tol Eressea which has a lovely glimpse of the friendship between Elrond and Bilbo.
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Fic rec: Chance Meeting at Rivendell [August 25th, 7:08pm]

Just found a wonderful fic. It's not new, but it was new to me. And I think it fits to the guidelines of this community :)

Chance Meeting at Rivendell - by Aunt Dora Baggins

Bibo meets a young boy named Estel in Rivendell, while he's there on his way through with the dwarves. Frodo is not involved, of course, but he is hinted at :-)
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[August 24th, 9:08am]

I have a recommendation for you all. illyria_novia has penned a very nice Bilbo and Frodo piece entitled HAND-IN-HAND. It somehow makes the reader smile and sniffle at the same time.

Hope you enjoy.
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